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In today’s hectic world a few days off of work is always welcome and most of us are increasingly attempting to spend the few precious holidays we get, as best as possible. We see people marking calendars, waiting for long weekends and planning on how to spend their holidays. Since a vacation is a rare occasion, in today’s hectic world, most of us try to get the most out of them.

Travelling is the most popular way to spend your vacation. We like to see new places, eat new food and do exciting activities. Although there are many dedicated travel agencies and sites, most of us get information about where to go, what to see, where to stay and what to eat from our friends. This is due to the gap in information provided by these dedicated travel agencies and sites, often targeting the up market and what the average middle class traveller wants.

At awidimu.com we are trying to bridge that gap. We understand most of Sri Lankans who travel belong to the middle classes and it is hard for them to spend beyond a particular point. On the other hand there are a large number of establishments that fit this budget range, but are often virtually unknown.

Our effort is to gather information about such establishments, little known places of interest and all other aspects a traveller needs to know to ensure a comfortable and affordable journey.

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